flat grinding head

Flat Grinding Head for Cured Concrete and Asphalt.

10 - Inch Head is compatible with EDCO - MK - BLASTRAC - Grinding Machines and others.

Diamondsharp Grinding Heads are used for smoothing rough spots, grinding down bumps, uneven expansion joints, uneven sidewalks, removing epoxy, urethane, resins and feathering out patched floors. The TURBO design allows faster material removal than any other method known, including machines requiring abrasive stones. They can also be used for removing rain marks.

Manufactured to exacting ISO 9002 specifications so you are assured of getting the highest quality tool. Segment height = .250 (1/4") Only the strongest industrial diamonds are used throughout a specially engineered metal matrix that assures maximum performance required for rotary surface grinding or finishing of concrete.

Flat Grinding Head