Emergency - rescue - Demolition saw blades

Our Piranha demolition & rescue saw blades are the most aggressive circular saw blade ever made for use on hand-held hi-speed cutoff gasoline demolition-type saws.


Engineered to cut a variety of those difficult to cut materials such as:

Hardwood flooring tar and gravel
Shingle roofs Auto body panels
Fire doors Pallets
Tires Tree roots
Sheet metal Corrugated roofing
Ice, frozen materials Wood-metal studding
Decking Railroad ties


Made to fit Stihl®, Ryobi®, Makita®, Husqvarna®, Partner® and other demolition saw brands. Bore size is 1-inch or 20 mm.

Piranha Super Emergency Rescue - Demolition Blades

Our most aggressive Rescue - Demolition blades.

Piranha Emergency Rescue - Demolition Blades

Aggressive Rescue - Demolition blades.

Piranha Jr. Emergency Rescue - Demolition Blades

A milder version of our Piranha blades.

Piranha Jr. Low Cost - Emergency Rescue - Demolition Blades

A low cost version of our Piranha Jr blades.


WARNING: Piranha blades are not intended for use on masonry, concrete or stone. Use Diamondsharp stone blades. Wear eye, face, respiration and protective clothing.