Initial Diamondsharp blade production was commenced in 1964 in a plant in Shrewsbury, Massachusetts. Three experienced metallurgical scientists joined forces to manufacture diamond blades, grinding and gauging heads for all types of stone, concrete and asphalt.

Then in 1967 William Cadmus along with two other sales engineers formed Diamond Engineering Services Company. That firm specialized in making core drills and diamond wheels. They also formed a contract drilling and sawing service which was used to evaluate the performance of construction products and bonds.

He acquired Diamondsharp trademarks and additional matrix bond formulations for stone blades and set up a manufacturing plant in tax free New Hampshire.

Through a series of acquisitions Diamondsharp purchased additional equipment and technology from Keen-Cut Diamond, Massachusetts Diamond Tool, Badger Diamond Tool, and Sprague & Henwood in Scranton, Pa. all prime manufacturers of diamond saw blades and core drills.

The company website under the domain name diasharp.com was active from the mid-1990's until it closed in 2019.


This business is now closed and the domain name diasharp.com is for sale.