diamond tools by diamondsharp

Power up to Diamondsharp's Super-Pro series for most slab saw cutting jobs. Our Blades are manufactured with quality industrial diamonds that are job tested for the toughest applications. Super segment height is designed to give added blade life, thus reducing blade usage. This results in lowering material costs and contributes to giving the purchaser a competitive edge.

Demolition - Emergency Rescue Blades

Our demolition, rescue, root ripper saw blade is the most aggressive circular saw blade ever made. For use on hand-held hi-speed cutoff gasoline demolition-type saws for cutting materials such as tar, gravel, shingle roofs,  auto body panels, fire doors, tires, sheet metal and tree roots.

Combination Asphalt and Concrete Cutting Blades

The COMBI BLADE is all that is needed to saw both asphalt and/or concrete. Allows one blade to do the work of two blades.
Cuts wet or dry.

Ring Saw Blades

Diamondsharp ring saw blades are universally accepted and may be usedRing Saw Blade on Partner® and MK-11 3600 ring saws.

Three bonds are made for cutting materials from 3,000 to over 6,000 psi tensile strength.






Cutting with or without water

It is better to use water whenever possible. The water will help prevent the blade from overheating, greatly reduce the amount of harmful dust created by cutting and will also help remove the slurry from the cut.

  When water cannot be used (electrical saws for example), you should always take protective measures so you don’t inhale the dust created by the material you are cutting. When doing dry cutting, you should allow the blade to cool off after every few cuts. You can speed up the process by allowing the blade to spin freely, out of the cut, for a few moments. This will allow cool air to pass between the segments.

  Always take safety precautions when using any type of power tools: Wear safety equipment. High levels of dust or improper usage of diamond blades can be harmful.